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Originally Posted by Raeven View Post
Hi guys.
This baller’s on my team. He’s a good kid and a good friend. As Hooligan said, he’s still in critical condition though he is getting better slowly. We’re hoping for the best and he's a heck of a fighter. Your well wishes, I’m sure, are appreciated and will be forwarded to his family.
Regarding joking, people that aren’t personally vested in the situation can’t be expected to take EVERYTHING seriously and being struck by lightning is extremely rare so joking is to be expected.
To try to answer some questions, He usually uses an SP-1 and I believe he has it with him CO. I’m not sure of the type of barrel he uses though or the gun’s current condition.
great response! very well articulated, my man....

Originally Posted by Beccolter View Post
I'm curious as to how he was hit in the first place. Was it just out of the blue? Around here, the second we hear thunder we have to stop playing.
it would seem sensible that a field would require all games to cease during a lightning storm for ple player wellfare if not for simple risk mitigation. if he was hit by the first bolt of the day then that has to be a one-in-a-bazillion occurance.
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