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yup. a sheridan JTX. all the XTS i know of were never black. basically a prolite/procarb clone, inline blowback, takes #13 o rings for valve body, and is pretty much reliable....they were introduced around 1997 or 1998, supposed to compete with spyders, pirahnas, and model 98s....werent popular much...but they do look like they could be modified to a side mag fed system like a sterling i had 2 jtxs, 1 xts.....sold them all...the last jtx i had, had a homebrewed palmers stabilizer attachment that i made to fit it..basically 2 90 degree fittings into a direct stabilizer they aint old. they can be had for cheap, but the problem is finding replacement parts.....altho it is a possibility that you can use tippmann parts..i doubt it though.
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