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Originally Posted by Party View Post
I'm suprised zombie fandom is still going as strong as it is after a few years. It is starting to get a bit old at times though.
TV and comics are about storytelling. Good storytelling has conflicts that challenge the protagonists and grip the audience in such a way to keep them wanting more. Zombies are a good, generic challenge - they're not politically incorrect, you don't have to explain how they came about (as the creator, you can figure it out in your head just so the Z's stay consistent, but you don't have to reveal that reason... in fact, it creates more tension if your protagonists and audience never truly knows), and, at the moment, they haven't been overused to death. And for the zombies to be believable, you don't have to go all sci-fi-y and set your story far in the future, it works in pretty much any time period. Look at the weird re-writes of literary classics like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Give it another decade and we'll be back to aliens or monsters or Nazi's or Islamic radical terrorists as our staple all-encompassing bad guy.
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