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I came up with a design made of delrin at one time but scrapped it due to lack of interest from everybody... I would like to see the design you came up with though ...

My Post from : I'm having a number of problems with my new T2 on 01-11-2010, 09:13 PM

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I was thinking about the slot problem and just want to throw this Idea out there...

After sitting out in my shop I was staring at my '08 Grey Ghost hanging up on the peg board and noticed the pump arm covers over the slot where the pump screw goes into the body to attach to the bolt... So with that,,, why not make a slot cover out of say delrin that covers the slot hole and attaches using the pump screws on the back of the back block ??? Mill it with a concave on top so that the bolt can be taken out and concave on the bottom so that it hugs the body and smoothly round off the sides and the end of it ... Every time you cock the marker the slot is still covered and nothing will slow the maker down when cocking... I have not seen the top of the marker to know how long the slot is but it's just a thought...

Thoughts ???


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