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Works Merlin

Well it came today. My Works Merlin body Cocker

The first to photos are of the Works after taking it out of the box. The first thing id did was give it to drops of oil and fired it over the radar chrono. It shot a little hot at 310 but the timming was spot on. It is in very good condition comming from Fairbanks, AK "Listessa was this one of yours?, or do youn know the owner"

The Valve is not a AKA valve but it is the same size except the holes

The FB screw is also diffrent than AKA Merlins. It has a long alu tube that holds the valve and spring in place.

The hammer is a tad bit larger than a stock WPG hammer. I was unable to remove it out the back of the body through the IVG threaded area. I had to push it through past the valve to get it out????

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