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Originally Posted by LU_aDaK View Post
Wow looks like a deep wine red... sexy!
yeah i asked mel to include a note to the annodizer if they could leave it in the dye a lil longer than usual.. i dunno if they granted that wish (as im sure its an industrial anno place, and its more about getting batches in and out over creativity) but it looks a lil darker to me.. though the black pieces definitely help the red to be perceived as a bit darker.. im sure the only way to truly tell is to hold it next to another gun that got annod around the same time, cause it seems like all the reds CCM has come out with lately have been a lil darker

Originally Posted by BWBP View Post
Tracker thats beautiful... in a manly way
of course its manly... is there any other way?

thanks for the compliments guys i appreciate them


^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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