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Sheridan help PUHLEEZ!

Here's the scoop. I picked up a PGP that needed some help. I had to replace some of the valvetrain since it was damaged in a previous attempt to repair.

C6quad hooked me up with the pieces parts for the valvetrain and I threw everything back together today. Here's what she looks like. Really good condition with the exception of a busted off front site and a little pump wear on the finish. Took her outside and shot off over 30 rds on a 12g, not sure on velocity since I lack a chrono but it was decent.

Anyways my problem is that when I was putting it back together, the front grip frame screw kept turning. I stopped to try to back it out and it wont go. I peeked inside where the 12 gram goes and the nutsert assembly keeps spinning! How the heck do I fix that? I was going to sell her but I don't want that problem still existing. Anyone see this happen before? Peter, Chad, anyone? Thanks in advance.
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