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Originally Posted by Shane-O View Post
To anyone considering buying one of these, they are well made and fit PGP's and Flatlines as advertised. I bought 10 or so last year, gave all but one out and none have been damaged, or blown out. Great product!

Thanks for the post Shane-O! I am glad you liked the wraps. And thank you for the endorsement!

Just for visual purposes… here are some pictures of the wraps in use or sent in by customers over the years. You will note that that cord is white in these pictures, but I have switched to black now.

Standard Wrap on Flatline

A bunch that went out to last year’s DDay!

A Big Wrap on a PPS Stroker. He probably could have went with a standard size.
But you can see how the shorter depth works with pump pistols and converted strokers.
I actually use the Big Wrap on my custom A5 with rails and it more than does the trick.

Here are a bunch on a whole lot of markers… one happy customer I would say. LOL I may bring back that selection as well.. I actually forgot about it.

More Big Wraps on Strokers.

Here is a standard wrap on a double barrel marker… and a couple pot holders I made. That customer purchased both.

Standard wrap on a Typhoon…

Well you get the picture….
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