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T2 questions

1. Is it a pain in the *** to line up the pump rods and do they need to be locktighted down?

2. Is the clear hard anno an option? Or is it reserved for those with mystical powers, or know the guys from ccm fairly well?

3. I really like the 86 frame, but I also want a little longer of a setup, they come stock with a rail right?

4. I generally play on turf or in the woods (there's no rivers so it doesn't need to be waterproof) but the field I play airball at has a motocross course right next to it, would that be enough to get stuck in that slot behind the bolt so that it would loss a ton of fps? Also I play snake if that makes a difference at all

5. Also do the breech insert bodies work that well? I haven't really heard that much about them, it seems like a great idea I just don't really like the way they look on the gun, almost like an older dm

6. Is the deadly winds barrel something I should invest in? I don't really see why almost every t2 i see has one? I already have a freak kit that isn't cocker threaded so should I just get a cocker threaded one?

Thanks in advance
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