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Here's an update on my leaking fittings. I got a call back this morning from Rod at CCM and told me what I needed to do. He is sending an o-ring kit for the fittings, but I had some spares laying around to tryout. So I removed the stainless steel end of the fitting (where the macro line goes in) by pulling it straight out. Make sure a macro line isn't connected and the piece comes right out. Inside is a size 010 o-ring. Rod had me replace it with a 009 o-ring to have a tighter fit on the macro line OD. I also followed Freebird's suggestion of putting a small (very small) amount of lubricant on the outside of the macro line. Connected the 13 CI tank, followed by the 45/45 and then 68/ leaks what so ever! Thanks for the help CCM and MCB.
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