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All payments will be done thru paypal. I only except money orders from those I have dealt with in the past. If you send me a Money Order you will put a "SIGN RECIEPT" form with it. It's for your protection as well as mine. That way you and I are both positive that your money got to me.


I have gotten permission from Painthappy to sell and trade items. It will be just excess gear from 20 yrs that I have laying around and some new gear. My main goal is to get rid of 98% and collect newer stuff that I need. So trades are welcome.

If you have ever done business with me before,You know Iam very easy to deal with. Usually you'll come out ahead on the deal. I don't ship first or at the same time unless I really know you and we have done a few trans actions in the past.

I ship with tracking numbers and provide insurance,depending on the item you bought. Always a tracking number with me. I expect you do the same. They are free at the post office.

I don't have the stupid rules that some post,so I don't care what your feedback is,you deal with me we go by my rules. Which are very relaxed.If I post up an OBO, show a little respect and don't send me a PM or email with a "so lowball" offer that you think I'll bite,cause I won't.

So I'll take pics and update as the days go on.


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