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Here are some good pics:

This is a picture of the 2nd castle game leading to the "big push".
Notice the guy on the top floor of the building. I'm sure he was very proud of himself to head up there, only to find he was well out of range of the castle.

Here is a good picture of just after the castle fell.
Well, I should clarify. This was just after I ran onto the second floor, blasting away. I was firing hundreds and hundreds of rounds as I pushed people out of the way and moved towards the other side.
Once at the other side, it was pretty clear there were no defenders left, and there had been no defenders FOR SOME TIME. For the last 5 minutes, we were fighting against out own teammates moving up the other side of the castle.
Oh well.

Here is another good buttshot for Oldschool to enjoy.
Now, I was TRYING to get a picture of the "Paint Bow". But digital camera has a very annoying 1-second lapse in the shutter, like most crappy digital cameras. And the Texan moved just as I took the picture:
So, just pretend there is a "Paint bow" there...
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