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Although Castle was great, I was slightly bummed about missing my company's paintball outting.
After getting to work this morning and hearing the AAR, I've never been so glad to miss a game in my life!

Here it is in a nutshell.

- several employees brought 'guests' who proved to be complete tools and casued a lot of bad feelings and "in his face" confrontations throughout the morning. (including 2 accidental shootings before the games started)

- Developer#1 is a newbie
- SystemGuy#1 has some experience playing backyard ball, but nothign 'orgainized'

- after lunch devloper #1 is the last one defending a castle, as SystemGuy#1 moves in. Developer#1 is apparently hit, but continues moving towards SystemGuy#1 and firing.

- They apparently get a little too close, SystemGuy#1 hits Developer#1 with his marker, causing a head injury.

- Cops and ambulance are called. Developer doesnt want any issues at work and tells the cops that he fell in the mud and hurt himself. For obvious reasons, the refs aren't inclined to lie to the cops and the real story comes out, however developer guy sticks to his story refusing to press any kind of complaint against SystemGuy#1. Both are out today, so I haven't gotten any more details...not sure I want any.

My Conclusions This Morning:
a) I will NOT be orgainizing the company's fall paintball outting as originally planned.!

b) Once again, i find myself very very very happy that I play with the type of people in the MCB family!

c) as much as I love the's just too damn heavy to lug up that hill 15 times!

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