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Custom Sports Gear Jersey Review

1 Feb 2012 update:

I guess this place has closed down without any warning. However I don't know the full story and I have not sent any threatning emails about my Jersey purchase I haven't received yet (Only been 6 months). Sad to see this happening. So this is just an info only review now. Enjoy reading about what a good company this was at one time.

A player named Bringer of Death (He is still active in paintball and still drawing pictures) drew this picture for me in 1996. Since then I have been trying to get it printed,silk screened etc. This has become an obsession with me,it's just taken a long time. Either the price was to expensive or "I'm not sure we can do it","can you put it in this format","we charge $75 to set it up,plus cost and it cost extra cause it's custom". The same story that everyone normally gets.

I'm a fairly plain person. All I wanted was the LOGO of Billy Gunn,the team name and a number. Nothing real fancy.

First off I would like to thank Ivan Peacock for being patient and helping with the design. Even after I said ok to a final print,I stopped it because I noticed something that wasn't right.

Skull was to wide and didn't match with arm sleeve picture:

I contacted Ivan (Company Owner) the next day and we discussed what was wrong. He had no problem with it and within two days I received a new final print proof.
It was just what I wanted and exactly how it should look.

Skull is now the correct size and will fit much better with shirt:

So let's rewind back:

I was going to go with another company that I had used before and was actually ready to give the go ahead. Then I remembered Custom Sports Gear.

Custom Piantball, Motocross Jerseys, Pit Shirts, T-Shirts and More

I had spoken with Ivan Peacock several times in the past about Jerseys and custom made Jerseys. So I went to the site and started to look around. I went into the "Semi Custom" area and found the perfect blank that would fit my design. It was a Red to Black Fade. Just what I needed and wanted.

I liked that the site offered several color fades. This was what helped me make my decision. It was a pre made blank (Semi Custom) and that helps to cut down cost. It was a major selling point for me.

Just one of the premade blanks in fade color:

So I used the information form and sent out my info and logo,to see if it could be done.

The team Logo:

I received my answer back that same day and gave CSG a call. We discussed what I wanted and the printed wording I needed.
Ivan even directed me to a few FONT sites to help me out with lettering. The entire process was explained to me and how everything works.

So we settled on a delivery date and price. I did all needed paper work and paid in full,due to such a small order of two jerseys, full payment was required.

I let Ivan pick out the FONT to be used and basically he had full controll of the Jersey design. I had a few items deleted and changed. I actually liked what Ivan did with the sleeves. Where the skull is just peeking out over the sleeve cuff.

I needed two Jerseys, one for me and one for my Wife. I can say this,my Wife really likes this jersey. She deserves one,since I'm always dragging her to the field to help me and drive me. I was very impresssed at the quality of the picture as well as the fabric used. Only description I can think of is "Athletic Mesh". The shirt is Very Breathable. The entire fabric is Perforated.

What I liked most about this Jersey,was that the only LOGO on it was mine. If your impressed/satisfied with a companies product, word of mouth is always the best form of advertisement.

The colors were amazing. Every color and shade that was on the originol picture is on the Jersey. The fade colors of the jersey were real nice. At one point the red to black almost looks purple. Gives it a nice look. Colors and lines were very CRISP.

Jersey Front:

Jersey Back

Jersey Sleeve


The best part of any Jersey review. Sewn very well. I doubt this will be coming apart anytime soon. I tried to look for any loose strings but I couldn't find any on either jersey. That tells me alot about quality and attention to detail.

Cuffs and collars

They are not restrictive but are snug enough to keep them in place. The are sewn in place very well.

Arms and Athletic mesh:

The athletic mesh is on piece. Which I think is very good idea. One single piece if it has to be replaced or if you ever want to change the color,change mesh type,or just hem up a little.

As you can tell the arms are a single sleeve this version of Jersey is called a standard cut shirt. They are what I think are the easiest to repair. I told Ivan every time I made a Jersey way back in the day,his style of jersey cut was what I used. It so simple, it's effective.

So how does it fit:

Judge for yourself. This is a 2X which I think fits perfect. Yep I'm going to wear it in the woods. I don't play speedball.

Customer service:

Impecable service. I could not have asked for anything better. Always willing to take the extra mile for his customers.
I know Ivan works very hard,because I could here it in his voice everytime I talked with him. He sounds very tired. Customer satifaction is his #1 priority.Quality of service is top notch.

The million dollar question:

Will I buy from CSG again?

You can BET YOUR A$$ I would. I already have a second design ready to go for another 2 Jerseys. Art work was also done by the same person who drew "Billy Gunn".

I would recommend Custom Sports Gear to anyone who wants to buy a Paintball Jersey or a Jersey of some type. CSG sells various designs and Shirts as well as NFL Gear,Hoddies and T-shirts. Buy with confidence.


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