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Originally Posted by splattttttt View Post
A slide check valve is faster, and in my opinion cheaper to attain most of the times.
They're commonly found at any particular PB store. Just check ( ha ha a pun) one out juliano.<<< Is that your name? Like Giuliano?
I know a few of them. They all spawned from a long line of Sicilian freedom fighters. Yea. That for lack of a better word, but you knows what I mean... Capishi?

yes Screen name is Juliano...I did change it's original spelling..good one. and Yes, also Italian...and thanks to you all for the info...lot of knowledgeable people around here...PBN tends to flame you for asking questions they think everyone should already know the answers. When you do get answers there, it's all in language only techs would understand...Thanks again...
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