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FloryPB Sheridan Parts now Available

FloryPB-Sheridan Parts

Just to start things off I made some velocity adjusters in brass and stainless. All velocity adjusters come with stainless steel hardware. Going to make some more things in brass stainless and aluminum stay tuned

Price is $20 shipped priority for stainless
$25 shipped priority for brass
$15 shipped priority for Aluminum

Front FeedCaps

I found some left over brass stock that I had and turned up three caps quickly. These will be available in stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Just let me know if you guys are interested in them in the other materials.

Two of them are made to match the velocity adjusters and the third is a slimmer version of the stock cap. All caps have a cupped backing instead of a flat wall to be a little nicer with paint.

Brass: $12.50 shipped priority with tracking
Stainless Steel: $10.00 shipped priority with tracking
Aluminum: $8.50 shipped priority with tracking

All of my phantom products are available here
FloryPB Phantom parts Custom Feedtubes and Bobbed Valves, have it your way variety

My Policies

I do not take money for parts that I have not produced.
Shipping outside of the US will cost more (price will be determined based on location)
Shipping method is priority with tracking
Price posted includes shipping and any other fees for customers state side (what you see is what you pay)
If you are having and problems with my products contact me right away and I will do what I can to make it right
Please allow two to three days for finishing and shipping.

Feedback here Paintballer50505's Feedback
Feedback PBN new PbNation - BST Feedback - paintballer50505


P.S. And remember all FloryPB products are mullet approved
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