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Works LPR internals vs. CCM externals/ Works history.

Hey all, this is my first post here, I tried searching for anything similar, but...this may be a tad convoluted:

I have a "Works" cocker, which I know CCM did most (all?) the work for. This would have been several years before DPM bought CCM, so I don't know how much involvement they would have had. Anyway, I was recently dismayed to discover my LPR had been bent/sheared off! (Threads are still in the front-block.) I'd really like to keep as much of the works parts as possible, anyone know if the cap and/or internals would fit, say, a J2 era LPR? (I took it by the shop today and Melissa said she didn't think they had anything as their LPR's are all different now.) Or should I just bite the bullet, swap in some other LPR and look for an old Works LPR in the future?

P.S. Is "Works" short for VaporWorks? Or is it a different thing? I don't really know much about that part it's lineage, only that CCM did the work for, er, Works.
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