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Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
A it wont work hardly at all, because volume is what matters in this case, not pressure, it will basically be like you shooting from a co2 tank thats out of co2

B its not hard to do, all you gotta do it attach an asa to you tank, and an asa to the co2 tank, the HPA tank wont fill the co2 tank past the regulated output of the reg , you cant put 1000 psi into something when the filler is less than that

C its not that dangerous, just impractical, and in-effective, its not dangerous because your not exceeding the structural limits of the tank, youd need to break 1500 PSI to start making things dangerous, and thats what burst disks are for

D, running co2 isnt gonna hurt anything. gas is gas, is gas... buena doesnt react any differently to the gas from CO2, liquid might cause problems, but its not gonna cause any irreparable harm

ive run co2 through many regs that werent "designed" for co2, they just get cold, ive even run electros off Co2, and im still alive to tell the tale, and the gun didnt break either and if your wondering, it was a matrix, which is FULL of buena o-rings

Why not just buy a 13/3000 instead of multiple ASA's, fittings, and hose? $60 and you don't have to worry about anything. Using your method, most paintball tanks output < 850 psi so getting 1000 psi into one using this method is impossible with a typical tank these days.

Now the way most people would try to fill a CO2 tank with air would be to use a normal 3k fill station and attempt to only fill it to 1000 psi which is dangerous. There is a burst disc for over-pressurization but I'd rather not count on it. Lets just say it is a stupid idea and move on.
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