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All done.

This process took around 2 hours start to finish, with a few breaks in between for a snack, getting distracted by the TV during reassembly, and just having to get away from the smell of lacquer thinner for a while.

I've been staying with my girlfriend for the past week while her parents were out of town. She came home just as I finished installing the grip panels. Thankfully, she was impressed with the progress and let me go shoot it a bit in the woods before spending time with her.

So many thanks to her and to her folks, even though they'll probably never know I did this unless they somehow find this forum.

A few parting thoughts:

I may put the NXT frame on my Rainmaker after I powder coat it gloss black. I have a Black SFT frame also that I was going to use on the RM. I also have an FBM trigger, so I'll need to see which one I prefer... the FBM or this CP sling.

I still haven't pulled the bolt to see if it's an HE bolt assy.

I should also note that while the inside of the ASA was painted, there is no trace of silver inside the new macroline hose I put on there, so I don't think I'll be replacing it. It will be completely disassembled and soaked in thinner soon, and I will put up pics of that as well.

In case anyone asks, the inner bore of the barrel (both pieces) was masked somehow and has no spray paint inside. Ditto for the breech, although the one shot I have looking into the breech does show some broken ball residue. I swabbed in there carefully with a thinner-coated q-tip just to be sure.

I know there are already a few comments below, so I'll put in a disclaimer that for a while, only the first post was up and visible. Thanks though for your comments and support. Hopefully you guys come back and see the end result.

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