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Tescrash- No I don't have any pics of the skull, however if you find one on the net you like I can do it. Tooling is relatively unlimited so whatever you can possibly want I can do for the most part. I have done a Palmerized PGP (the black holster with flap and red backround), however I have not done one for a "normal" PGP. I do own a PGP I am semi-ing that I can use for a base model however. I'm not 100% sure on your holster design, but from what you seem to be describing I'd say $55 shipped. However I do recommend somesort or strap or something to keep the PGP holstered while running and such, friction fits tend to remove finished and with pump markers tend to hinder holstering.

Fenix- Well, I'm working on a under armpit shoulder holster for a tac 8. Holding 2 magazines on the rights and the pistol on the left. I plan on using the general strap designs for any underarm holster I make. I can also make slings for main markers or pumps as well.
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