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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
I don't know if you can get one yet, but I suspect you can very soon. A lot of this got pre-leaked because the dealers were just notified. Of course that means the internet paintball community gets notified.

So yes... You can get one real soon.

I wasn't sure how the gun would feel at first by the photos, but once you get one in your hands, all worries go away. I brought this gun to Pump Pandemonium (taped up for secrecy mind you), but those that held it, and played with it, had nothing but great things to say about it... Mostly followed by, when and where can I buy one. Any one of those guys at PP can please feel free to chime in about the gun, so no one thinks I'm just being biased. I'm not. I'm being up front and honest as I can about this stuff. I mean, if I'm not honest about reviewing and testing, then how are companies supposed to improve and make better stuff? So chime in to anyone that held it.

Simon said the price range will be around the $120 mark. With that price, this gun is well worth it and then some. I would easily have paid more now I that I see what we're getting.
Are the rails removable?
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