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Title: Nailtazer C-500
Builder:Stanford Shih
Marker Used: late 90's WGP Autococker
Specs:Mini'd, PPS Stabilizer, WGP brass 3-way, WGP brass Ram, WGP brass LPR, Shocktech Phat hammer, Shocktech Pre2k bolt, Brass tubing, Brass cover, Copper tube stick feed, Copper trigger guard, Paduack wooden pump handle and grips, Leather wrap aroud for grips.



And a special thanks to Castro#66 for helping me out on this build
PBNation: Feedback
MCB: Feedback

"Originally posted by inraged and ingaged: holy jesus you sir are a god...amazing what you can pull off with some files and what not... great work."

Dye Single Hinge + more FS

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