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Title: vapor hoodlum? .....idk I don't have a real name yet.
Builder: bloodwashed
Marker Used: spyder compact/ scratch built from parts bought here
Specs: large volumizer copper coil, 19rd copper feed tube, scratch built collapsible beaver tail made from brass and black walnut,ans reg, black walnut grip
Chrono: sorry, no access to a chono....but it has a reg so I'm sure it's fine

remember guys this my first time building something like go easy on me

the trigger guard among other things is made out of old silverware, and the trigger frame is decorated with gold leaf pen stenciling

this is the ball detent cover

this is the volumizer with a copper coil that actually holds air

this is my favorate part, it's a collapsible beaver tail

the tip and the rear of the barrel is decorated with gold leaf pen also

and here she is.....

unfortunately i could not chrono it, as the closest one to me is 40 miles away
but i was able to take this vid to show it works

oh and the tank that's on it is just a temp, I'm planing on making a leather covered one with more gold leaf stenciling

DSCN5601.mp4 video by bl00dwashed - Photobucket
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