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Originally Posted by Makeshift View Post
I respectfully disagree, if by "top" you mean "vertical". It's a pump and doesn't need a vertical feed (again, just in my opinion) for a high rate of fire. I prefer a right, or off-set feed for a clear sight line. Especially given the rails to mount accessories.

So far the only thing I really don't like is the Piranha USP style trigger.

Is the bolt plastic?

You could have actually aimed with left and right feeds coming off the top. Just cut a site groove like a PGP or other brass guns had. Back Bottle was a waste of time.
I'm glad that new pumps are coming out and it's becoming popular,but I do see some problems with Rear ASA and HPA bottles when the SC feed is on. I could be wrong.

These are just my observations and my personal opinions.

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