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Originally Posted by cjottawa View Post
A note to Simon: both with the SA-17 and this new Trracer, I was struck by how GOOD they looked and felt in person and how poorly the marketing photographs portrayed that.

Please don't take that the wrong way; the photos are well shot but, to me, they don't flatter the guns as much as they could. If I get my hands on either, I'll take some pics and post.
I appreciate constructive criticism, and I agree with you completely. It's seems to be very hard to get great pictures that really portray our products. Carter does a great job. :tup:

Originally Posted by LK-13 View Post
I like what I'm seeing.
I've also got 4 Wood Pump Handles made of Curly Figured Rock Maple
ready to go that should fit these, provided it's barrel has a 1" OD.
It is a 1" OD. I look forward to seeing what it looks like with one of your pump handles on it.

Originally Posted by Makeshift View Post
Is the bolt plastic?
No it's Aluminium. That's like aluminum but better because it has an extra "i".

Originally Posted by wlfpk-U527 View Post
I was you guys think you can switch out the new trigger frame with a older trracer frame? I much prefer M4/AR15 grips.
I'm afraid not. Sorry.

Originally Posted by Interceptor View Post
Does it come stock with a velocity adjuster?

Originally Posted by Jebus View Post
Hmmmm...I'm getting one. Any word if they come in different colors?
Not at this point, but if it's successful and people bombard the Empire marketing team e-mail with requests for Olive Drab, I will push for that from my side too. Just help me out... a little.

Originally Posted by D G View Post
empire and/or airsmiths on mcb should consider the following statement...
this gun is asking for a slight breech mod and a removable first strike feed tube.
Why a breech mod? The gun's breech is already designed to allow the use of First Strike rounds.

Originally Posted by Chubs View Post
Rails removable? I might call up KEE and see if they'll sell me the body by itself. I just want my Trracer to be cocker threaded.
I'm not certain that will work, I would need to swap and match some parts. The internals (if you swap a full set) will work in one gun or the other, but to make it work with the grip frame and trigger, the rear donkey is a little longer to the mounting screw.
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