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Originally Posted by Fluff
Bill your second grip would definately. What we call a .45 grip is indeed a government model 1911. Commander length and officers model are a trifle different iirc
I hate to say this, but they may not. Why? Because those were designed for the Colt .45. As someone who has fitted wooden grips for all kinds of paintball markers, I can tell you without a doubt that not all .45 paintball frames are the same dimensionally. Rubber front wraps get away with fitting MOST .45 paintball frames because they stretch or give. But wooden grips do not do that. All it takes is a slight difference in measurement from the screw hole to the front of the frame and the grips simply will not fit.

So my advice? Try before you buy if you can. Wood is not as forgiving in front wraps as rubber is. But with panels you can be pretty sure they will have no issues though. Or wood panels with a rubber front wrap.
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