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Next run DSG / DLG/ DRV interest thread

1 post if you want in on a next run. People PM or post all the time about wanting one and I can never find the info later. THIS IS NOT A COMMITMENT. This is just so that I know who to send a message to when its time to start counting noses.

Post here if you want me to contact you about a new run. It doesn't guarantee another run, but it at least lets me know who to contact.

If you don't come here often post an email contact with the usual anti-adbot crap

No discussions or question, just start a seperate thread for that. Just an "I want a ___"

this thread also covers DLG lever coversions to existing DSG's
3rd Run DRV's in stock now!!
DSGs are in stock NOW!!
V2 DSP - On sale NOW!
My Feedback
first strike pez dispensers in stock - pm me!

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