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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
HydroTec has created a 68 caliber paintball with a water based fill and shell design making it a lighter projectile with less joules on impact.
Originally Posted by Beest View Post
The MSDS is here it gives the density as 1.0 - 1.1 g/mL I found a figure of 1.2 g/ml for current balls, a small difference.
The figure for regular paintballs is the first one that came up, up to 20% lighter, noticeable on long shots I suppose. I wonder if ther is something they could add to bring the weight up that little bit?

Less mass would mean less breaks, unless they break better due to the shell/fill dynamics.
I'm hoping for better roundness, size consistency and no dimples. so they more consistently go where you point them.

I once did a thread on what would people pay for better shooting paintballs and in general few people would pay more even they shot better, so I would say for Hydrotec to be successful with a lighter ball, they are going to have to shoot straight and be no more cost.
If shelf life and storage help out FPO fields, especially small fields, to buy in more bulk and sell at the same price and get a better margin, I would have thought that would be a winner too, if it's FPO then the lighter ball wouldn't be an issue since everyone would be the same.
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