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Sheridan Valve Assembly/cart valve dissasembly -and Other Tech Links

Valve Identification:
There are 2 types of valve assemblies used in the brass sheridan paintball guns. "Cartridge" valves and the older non-cartridge valves. The easiest way to identify your valve type is with the information stamped on the gun. "PA Series" guns use the cartridge valve and "P Series" guns use the old style / non-cartridge valve. Some early sheridans are unmarked but should also use the old style / non cartridge valve. If you're unsure, feel free to ask.

Old Style / Non-Cartridge Valve Assembly Pics
If you have this style valve, you will need a valve tool to remove it. See links at the bottom for DIY valve tools / dealers.

Also, there is a lead seal between the valve guide and the valve nut. It doesn't do much and does not need to be put back in the gun. Most people just throw it away.

Cartridge Valve Assembly Pics
That's not a stock sheridan valve spring so don't expect yours to look like that.

Also, a side note is that prior to taking the valve apart I'd suggest scribing a line down it or using a sharpie to mark it so you know it's aligned properly when you put it back together.

Other Tech Info / Links
Sheridan Recognition Guides: Sheridan Recognition Guide
PG / PGP evolution

Some Disassembly Scans

You can look up pictures / details scans / manuals on Vintage Rex | PMI - Sheridan

Some manuals are also available in the MCB manuals
MCB's Paintball Library - Paintball Gun Manuals sorted by Manufacturer

Thread with links to archives of PGPOG

Sheridan CAD / part Drawings

Performance Tuning Thread
non-PPS Performance tuning

Valve Tool:
Valve tool, PPS/Crosman/Sheridan [SHER059] - $19.00 : Palmers Pursuit Shop, Where Custom Still Means Something
Sheridan Seal Kits, Valve Tools, Springs, Pump Arms and Misc Parts
Sheridan Products F/S

DIY Valve Tools
DIY Valve Tool
How to: make a sheridan valve tool - Special Ops Paintball
Measurements - valve tool dimensions

Wood Stock Refinishing Thread
Stock refinish questions.


Start with one ordinary stock cart valve removed from gun.

Mark or scribe a line all the way down the length. This will make alignment easy when it's put back together.

I use the frame screw in the front hole and an allen in the back hole for leverage to unscrew the valve pieces.

Usually the nose will come off first. If not you can still use the other tricks below to help get the valve apart.

To protect the threads I wrap them up with some tape. Then I file flats on both sides of the middle piece.You don't want or need them that deep, just enough to make a spot for a wrench to grab.

Once you have the flats done, you can use an adjustable wrench and allen wrench to unscrew the valve parts.

Below is just a shot of the middle piece from the top. If you look closely you can see the flats on both sides...

Below is just a pic of the valve apart.

Pick out the rotten face seal.

Pick out the rotten inner o-ring. Note this IS just a normal o-ring and not some proprietary seal. It just changes to the weird D shape due to time and pressure.

Old ones on top, new ones below...

Toss on the new face seal

Toss on the new O-ring

Screw the nose piece back together

Put the inner o-ring on. Put in the valve / spring

Re-assemble and line your marks back up.

Note, I didn't show replacement of the rear outer o-ring. It can be done with the valve fully assembled like any other o-ring.
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Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
You can contact BigMatt-MadCustoms in his MCB forum

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