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splashkitsrock420 pump marker sale thread...

"pool bottom" light blue/silver acid wash phantom
matching cp bolt on asa cp foregrip and shocktech trigger shoe

light blue extreme rage blue grips....not pictured....ill get some up soon...they pretty much match ......but its hard for me to take off the houges

cci detent rings

i got the box and manual with extra springs n parts kit......

i have nevr played with this just chronoed like less then 50 shots threw it.....


DSC04437.jpg picture by splashkitsrock420 - Photobucket

DSC04433.jpg picture by splashkitsrock420 - Photobucket

DSC04435.jpg picture by splashkitsrock420 - Photobucket


w palmer stab
boa best barrel ive shot on the sterling
stock raptor shoots really well scarry huh .....
freak with 12 in tip
stock barrel

dye stickys....there kinda getting yucky from age....

the pump handle was reamed to fit the freak so there is some slop when other barrels are used .....
hit man mod was a diy project that came out pretty goood and work s well
pump handle is also drilled n taped for another guide rod...never got around to drilling the bolt
venturi bolt
very nice marker just dont seem to use it anymore.
ive been the only person to use and own this marker its in grt shape.
got some extra springs for it too and the vert elbow
i never use it just clamp my hopper down with a pipe clamp

$$$$295 obo$$$$

i know its high but theres 5 barrels and a palmer too......
i will part some of the barrels if anyone wants one and ill adjust prices from there...lmk

what i am looking for atm for trades
**wish list**
ccm t2
x valves

everything is obo

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