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CCM Series 6- Vampire (White with Red accents)---BRING SEMIS


Like title says, CCM Series 6- Vampire (White with Red accents).

*Please Read Carefully*

I am the FIRST and ONLY owner so far. She's lookin for a new owner though,
First off, YOU will be shipping first no matter what, even if your feedback is better than mine. I was scammed on the last marker i did a deal on and he never sent his marker. I am an honest guy, if you can't bring yourself to send first, chances are i wouldn't have wanted to make a deal with you with you anyways. My marker will be EXACTLY as i describe, it is tuned and has no issues, i expect the same from you. if i recieve your marker and it is not how you described it or "accidently" left out that the is a HUGE gouge on the body or something like that, i will send it back to you at YOUR expense, so be honest..

Other than that, Regular rules apply.

IF you make an offer, post with a Link to your page WITH pictures, and then PM to ensure fast response.

Now that the basics are out of the way, on to the eye candy:

Got this gun custom'd from CCM. Canadian/vampire theme.. which ever you prefer. I have the marker, paid extra for the white pump handle, 5 detents .690, .687, .684, .681, .679, white barrel, paid extra for the gloss red, most of it was extra because i normally comes in black. One of the detents is a bit dusty or dirty from use for 1 game, could just use a quick tooth brush cleaning. Also, there are a few little blemishes on the body from regular use, but nothing major.

CCM Series 6
Dust White (called "silver" at ccm)
Gloss Red Accents
5 Detents
86* Grip frame and stock grips

680+Shipping (i get a quote and you chose the option you want) NEW PRICE 600!!
Would be interested in a**DuckSlide Phantom**+Cash

No wants:
Garbage Markers.. you all know what falls under this category so don't even offer.


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