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I present the brainchild of Professor Tomias Kostanopolis of the Pneu-Gun Design Works: The Automatic Magnatronic Spheriod Launcher, commonly known as the AutoMag.

Builder: Robertsr
Marker Used: Automag
Specs: Hand sculpted AGD lion headed body, fully copper leafed. Copper leafing on the frame The 9 round feed locks positively into the elbow. The game timer is a fully functional brass micro pocket watch that must be wound daily. The heavy brass handguard features a decorative level to estimate windage while firing. The all brass blunderbus barrel features an integrated loudener. The marker is finished in velvet. The fluid filled pressure gauge is an antique brass industrial high pressure unit from the 40's.
Chrony: Anywhere between 240 and 340 with a standard screw in tank.

MicroMags 'R Us


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