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well I always run a joyride for tubes, best thing ever really. If you get the chance to try one, you'll end up buying one (its what happened to me). 12's I run in a shotgun shell stock holder. Fits around the wrist and fits 5 12's really nicely and within easy reach. Mostly run modified stock with a 3.5oz these days, I should get some 12's again sometime for some fun.

you got yourself a pretty gun there, someday I wouldnt mind picking one up.
I was using the Ronin Gear Flipped out pack, and I have 2 ronin wrist wraps that hold 5 tubes/12s a piece. I didn't like the pack on the back because of not having a drop pouch. Plus I want to run bare minimum movement on everything. The flipped pack had plenty of movement when running around and that wasn't my favorite. I am also contemplating getting a 13/3k and setting the garg up to run off of that since my field has all day air. Less worry about whether or not I have enough for another shot in the cartridge.

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I run with these. So far, they've been quite good. Also, that scenario you're going to, is it in IL?
I wouldn't be able to do something like those. They would irritate the **** out of me. I don't like having stuff that high up on my arms, unless they are sleeves. The scenario is in New York.
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