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Dealers Forum Rules Update

We added a new rule for the dealers on MCB:

No dealer merchandising posts, or sales offers by dealers are permitted in forums OTHER than the "Dealers Forum". Such posts will be deleted and repeat offenders will be subject to issuance of infraction points

This came about due to some complaints by members about members who sell stuff posting in other forums about how they "sell" that part. Please do not do this. If you are a dealer, you're more than welcome to have a free section in the dealers section, post up what your selling, sales, etc. Have at it.

But please refrain from actively pursuing people in other forums. If you have advice, that's fine, but when you actively tell them you can sell them a part or item, then you create competition and then all the dealers will be doing the same thing, and this we can no have.

Thank you for understanding. We have many dealers here, and everyone will need to work together to keep this one of the best forums out there!

Thank you

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