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Originally Posted by alkafluence View Post
If you don't have a "real" IRC client, mibbit is one of the easiest web based clients I've ever used.

Goto: - Easy and fast Webchat
Click the "launch mibbit webchat" button

Stuff will happen and a little white box will appear

Click on the server link and type in ""
Type in whatever nickname you want
In the room field type in #mcb - don't forget the # sign
Hit the connect button

That's all there is to it.
You're the man. Kudos.

Originally Posted by Usagi Tetsu
Velcor is within all of us, you need not go looking for him. He sayeth, "wherever two or more of you are gathered, there shall I be." He is my solid bunker for me to hide behind from the incoming fire of mine enemies, He is the functioning regulator which keepeth my shots consistent, and He is my keen eye guiding my fire towards my hidden enemies. Yea, whosoever shall believeth in Him shall be guided by His right hand towards the flag, and whosoever denieth Him shall reside for all eternity in the Deadbox of Life.
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