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Palmerized P-68SC and nickel plated Piranha Short Barrel (pic intensive)

All that's left is this nickel plated Piranha Short Barrel that I bought from Dan Bacci a few years ago. This gun is from the lot that he purchased from Gabriel Tyler.

Updated Pics!!

It's a sweet little shooter with the same smooth pump stroke as all of Dan's Sheridans. It now has a composite mag frame milled to fit, a 6" plastic pump handle, a Taso muzzel break, and a PPS hopper adapter included. This gun also has a quickstrip slot and speed demon bolt (both can be seen in pics).

Price: $135 shipped (Trade pending w. Altec)

Palmerized P-68SC sold to angelpena

Nasty Houndstooth Sold to Duzzy

PGP sold to Yomama101

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