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I have been getting alot of PM's about where I got all the parts to set up my Stock Class Tactical Rig...

Here are the links and please feel free to set it up you own way or make changes and post up here your results... I hope that everyone enjoys this setup the way I have enjoyed it

BDS Tactical
Tactical Duty Belt : BDS Tactical Multi Cam Duty Belt

Modular Belt Sleeve : BDS Tactical Modular Belt Sleeve

H-Harness : BDS Tactical Padded H-Suspenders

Shotgun Shell Pouch : BDS Tactical Shot Gun Shell Pouch

Double Pod Holder : Double Pod/Ammo Pouch - Multicam - $29.99 : FULL CLIP USA, Gear for Guys with Guns

ID Pouch : GP Upright Dual ID Pouch - Multicam - $29.99 : FULL CLIP USA, Gear for Guys with Guns

Whiskey Two-Four
stock class 10rd 10x tube pouches (X2) :

Blue Force Gear
SSE Dump Pouch :

Flyye Industries
MBITR Radio Pouch :

I you have any questions please feel free to either ask here or shoot me a PM


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