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ive tried a t2 and s6, so thats wat im basing it on. i believe the s6.5 will be about the same as the s6.

the t2 has a more "mechanical" feeling pump stroke, and when i say that its hard to explain. it does feel sturdy though. i think the 6 has a smoother, more "natural" feeling stroke.

the markers weigh about the same, so little difference that i doubt you would feel a difference. they are light.

im not sure if you can get the barrel longer, but i do know that you can order without one and cut $20 off your order.

as for someone telling you whether to order one or the other, no one can really make up your mind for you. my suggestion would be to get out and try both of them. then you will know for sure. for example..i was dead set on getting a t2, but after trying it, i didnt like the pump stroke, so here i am, waiting for my 6.5 to get on my doorstep.
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