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Originally Posted by Littlebomb View Post
I'm sure I could search through all the posts to find these answers but I do have a couple new questions.

Can anyone who owns both the T2 and 6.5 tell me why I might want to purchase one over the other?
Here is what is important to me. I like light guns, a smooth sturdy pump stroke, both guns look great though I think the 6.5 is a little better looking. I am concerned that the T2's pump stroke is a little flimsy? I have also read that the 6.5 is in fact lighter?

S6.5 is smoother. Although I would never call the T2 pump stroke flimsy. My s6.5 is a little lighter than my T2, not enough to make a decision based on weight.

Will the new shorter feed neck lever be coming standard if I order the gun?
You can get whatever you want, just ask for it.

Can I get a barrel in a slightly longer length? (the 12 inch barrel isn't pointy enough especially considering I will be playing back and flanking positions mostly with a pump.) Will I have to pay extra to have a barrel a couple inches longer?
I don't think this is an option
Do CP's red barrel anno match CCM's red? I want a one piece barrel in 16" or 14" length. (I really don't understand why you would want a short barrel on a slow shooting sniper, pointing barrels = accuracy)
The reds will probably not match. CCM's red is pretty deep.

Is there any new T2's or 6.5's about to be posted on Ebay? In particular a solid red gloss or a gold and silver? I will buy it!
Call Mel/CCM

So long and thanks for all the fish.
Answers above in bold
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