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Originally Posted by Jdonlin
While we're on the subject of Pbnation, what do "1337" and "Agg stand for?
Is this just the old comming out of me?

1337 is "leet" speak. Leet (also known as L337 or L33t or 1337, or Leet-Speak... etc) A language commonly used in chat rooms where letters are replaced by numbers and symbols, and words are commonly mispelled.

i.e. the above sentence in "leet" is:

4 |4n6u463 (0mm0n|y u53d 1n (h47 r00m5 wh3r3 |3773r5 4r3 r3p|4(3d 8y num83r5 4nd 5ym80|5, 4nd w0rd5 4r3 (0mm0n|y m15p3||3d.

"Agg" is agro or "cool." i.e. "My pink day-glo ramping space-gun is sooo agg!"

It's just hacker/PbN crap.


For more questions like this I refer people to the Urban Dictionary.
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