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Sorry for the late reply,,, also please excuse the messy shop floor...

Items Needed :
X2 Sections of 550 Cord 41" in length per section (with internal strings pulled out of 550 Cord) or whatever you have available

X2 Each Whiskey Two-Four Stock Class 10 rd 10x Tube Pouches

20 Empty 10rd tubes (makes it easier when lacing together so you don't over-tighten)

Start Out by laying the tube pouches on top of one another and get your offset distance determined

Lace first 550 cord through both tube pouches and pull through first molle loop

Now swap ends to opposite molle loops and push through (do not tighten at this point)

Keep alternating all the way down

Once at the bottom pull the tail from the back on to the front one and get ready to tighten the lacing

Repeat for opposite side of pouch

Once both sides are complete you can start tightening up the lacing and finish off with a square knot

Once square knot is complete finish that off with a overhand knot

With the extra tails from the knots you can lace the two together as you see fit or just cut the tails and melt the ends and tie a overhand knot

I hope that helps Brother


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