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The copy their marketing guys have written about "Dye Cam" is pretty funny.

The paintball world is overloaded with camouflage patterns. Fabrics range from traditional woodland camo, tiger stripe camo, “camouflage” tournament graphics and everything in between. We researched and tested every style available, finding a fundamental flaw. Each camouflage pattern attempts to conceal the paintball player in only one type of environment. While there are many location-specific patterns, DyeCam™ is designed to blend in well across a broad range of environmental conditions. As paintball players ourselves, we all know that every event location has its own unique terrain, requiring a specific color range to truly and effectively blend into the environment. This creates an overwhelming number of options for paintball players to choose from. This ultimately requires players to have a specific camouflage pattern for every event they attend. These locations range from the light-colored, high desert terrain of the West Coast, to the mid-tones of mossy oaks in the Mid West and all the way to the lush green palms and marshes of the East Coast.

Because of the large variety of locations where tournaments and events are held, we set out to develop a single camouflage pattern specifically designed to help the wearer hide in all of the environments during multiple seasons, even at different elevations and light conditions. Adapted from proven military color palettes and shapes, we’ve taken our DyeCam™ to the next level. DyeCam™ merges complex halftone camouflage patterns with specific Pantone™ gradients, creating an illusive visual profile in a wide range of terrains. This design allows the graphic pattern to blend the user into the environment by tricking the human eye, blurring the user’s silhouette and allowing folds of the garment to become the hard-line depth of the foreground. While there are other location-specific camouflages available, DyeCam™ utilizes above-average shapes and blending to produce a universal camouflage for every environment.

The DyeCam™ pattern is designed to reflect a portion of the colors particular to a specific environment. When the user is in a dense, green forest, the pattern will take on an overall appearance of green. When the user is in an open, dry brush landscape, the pattern will take on an overall tan appearance. By adapting to varying light conditions, this design takes advantage of the way the human eye perceives color and shapes. Due to the fact that only a small segment of the human eye perceives color, our brains typically “fill in” the rest. DyeCam™ takes advantage of this principle and forces the observer to “see” the pattern as if it were the background itself. After several attempts of prototyping and testing our unique pattern, we found it to be more effective than we thought possible. Through this rigorous testing, DyeCam™ came out on top among all other paintball specific camouflage patterns. We fine tuned it to near perfection, and the result is one of the most versatile camouflage patterns available to the paintball world. A camouflage so effective, it leaves others in the dust. We are proud to present DyeCam™.
Translation: "We've followed Valken and BT's lead and copied Crye's Multicam but changed it enough to where they can't sue us. Now buy our $100 shirts!"

If you don't feel like waiting for DYE's website to load, TechPB has some pretty good coverage of the launch of this stuff at this year's World Cup: TechPB 2010 PSP World Cup Coverage - Wednesday - TechPB Forums
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