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XBOX 360 Package, IPHONES, IPODS, RAZER Peripherals!

Hey everyone, here are some electronics that I would like to get rid of.

Apple Package- SOLD!
Iphone 2g 8gig- Worked great. I replaced it with the 3g. Will be wiped before being sent out. I charged it up and the battery went out pretty fast. Maybe because it sat for a long time?
Iphone 3g 16gig- Screen is broken and phone is frozen on connect screen. This has never been jailbroken.
Ipod Nanos- These are both broken. For parts only!!!

XBOX 360 stuff- 1 xbox console. This was one i picked up at a yard sale with RROD failure. Took it apart and fixed it. This xbox works, but is sold as-is for parts. Included is 3 controllers, various battery boxes/packs, a power pack (this pack does not fit this xbox, I think its a newer power pack?), and a/v cables/component cables. Also included is a sweet backpack that everything can fit in. THE DVD REMOTE IS NOT INCLUDED! What you see is what you get (except the dvd remote), sold as-is for $100

Razer Lachesis mouse- This mouse is awesome. Upgraded to the mamba from this so time to sell it. $25

Let me know if you need pics/info on anything.



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