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Ok,just making sure as the stock VM weighs about 10 lbs without a tank or hopper.

Here's the answers to your questions...

What are they? Benjamin Sheridan VM-68 aka PMI-3

I know they are sherdians but do they have the same basic internals? As what? The VM is pretty much the first Stack tube blow back semi (Pre-dates the original Spyder by about 4 years) the internals are not the same as any gun out there.

What's the deal with multiple tanks? A VM can run a tank in many different configurations if you can find the acessories needed.In order to run more than one tank you're need tanks with shutoffs on them or on/off valve on one of the air lines

Do they have massive kick? VM's have a massive kick compared to todays electro whizbanger guns due to the MONSTER sized stainless hammer inside the gun

What price can they be had for? Prices vary,there's a couple up for sale on here right now for around $40-$50,but,there are also some nicer ones for over $200 as well out there

And are they fun! or a load of headaches? Depends on your definition of fun,I don't really use them much anymore,but,when I did I loved the weight and feel of them...Word of warning VM parts are getting harder to find,they were around for many years so parts are out there though. Barrel threads are the same as the Sheridan Equalizer,most Armotech guns,the early Bruiser,and The PG1-pro (aka The Edge)
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