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Rejuvenate a 6-Pack question

I traded for a pre-painted used agd 6-pack.
Age has the old paint job coming off.
Some lite rust is visable.
I want to strip the old paint/rust off it and make it look purdy again.
Do I:
A) Do this myself (Oh, Dear Lord, let us pray for this misguided youth...)
B) Send it in to get powdercoated
C) Send it in to get 'Duracoated'
D) Send it in to get nickel plated

I am looking for advice (and opinions for the game-show format) on what to do.
Where do I send it and how much should I expect to pay for this little project.

Thanks for the help,

ps do you need pix before you give advice? LMK
(And the answer is "NO" you whores...she is not for sale!)
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