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Originally Posted by Rockfrog View Post
re- vid
1. IIRC I think Manike mentioned the original valve body would need to be used with new internals in the old markers.
2. The reason the Pump to bolt screws don't thread into each other is simple ... different threading patterns. No big issue though, just use the appropriate screws for the bolt.
3. the old Mav's detent can be replaced with a short section of LP (aka 'cocker) tubing in the detent slot that runs across the body just forward of and below the feed neck. And correct me if I'm wrong here, but it looks like the new Trracer still has the groove where the old body detent would go as well.

Otherwise, thanks for the vid, great job.
Looks like I'm gettin' one for sure now.
1. Yeah, I've since went back and read through the thread and found where he said that. I'd love to take it apart, but it is not my Trracer.

2. No they do screw on, they are the same thread pitch. The originals will thread on to the new bolt, which is important so you could use the pump handle, as I think the new bolt screws are to big to use with the older Maverick/Trracer pump handles. They taper out a lot after the threadingm which is why they will only go in about 2 threads on the old bolt.

3. Yup, you PM'd me about that when I made a thread asking for one (thanks again for that!)

I'm glad you liked the video, thanks
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