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duff muffin
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sleeper pneumag FS

scratches: This gun was used, so the condition is not perfect, but looks pretty damn good.
2 of the bigger ones
1288050175673.jpg picture by DUFF-MUFFIN - Photobucket
the line is thread tape, not a scratch
1288050190973.jpg picture by DUFF-MUFFIN - Photobucket


~sleeper pneumag done by Loguzzzzzz AKA Practice Target
~Can get more pictures if needed
~Just tuned, fastest I have seen it shoot was 15 BPS with no problems.

Xvalve, lvl 10, RPG feedneck, ULE body, bike grip, RPG rail, Logic UMF frame, sleepered pneumag, sleeper milled CP asa, vert ASA.

Price: $700 OBO, G6R. That's it
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