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Could someone turn some Dm4/5/C continuous flow plugs?

Hi all. I love my DM4/5/C's. But I do NOT love the pointy and pointless on/off air flow knob. As I continue to add these old guns to my collection, I have no source of new continuous flow plugs.


CP only started making replacement plugs for the DM6 and later. Before then, there was only one maker...the EPEK paintballer187 flow plug. These were available in both black and silver and had 187 on the front. I like this plug because it sits flush and has canted edges so your hand can't find any raised surface. Here's a pic in cross profile (see olive gun vice blue one).

About two years ago, somebody on PBN turned a bunch of raw aluminum plugs and sold them for not much dough...but hasn't made any more. This design actually has a raised, round front that you can feel, but doesn't stick out as far as the stock plug (and also, it's not point, obviously). I don't like the design as much as the 187 plug, since it's edges are harder under the finger. But it could serve as a starting point for measurements for a more ergonomic update.

I have to think there's a market for this plug. Is anybody interested in making one?
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