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The map is randomly generated at the start of a game, unless it has been edited by the administrator of a server. The random generation of maps includes sheer cliffs, trees, caverns and hills.

In Classic and Indev, maps can be generated in "small", "normal" (256x256x64) and "huge" sizes.

In Infdev and Alpha, maps are infinitely big. They are made up of chunks; as the player explores the map distant chunks are generated automatically, leading to theoretically infinite maps. In practice, technical reasons force the maximum map size to 8 times the surface area of the Earth [1]. Whilst the Horizontal planes of the Maps are vast in size, the vertical plane remains at a fixed 128 Block height [2]. Although player deviation outside the bounds of the generated map is possible, such as via the void in gaps of the bedrock, it will result in recurring damage until the players death.
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