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he was referring to real steel firearms ... anything in a comparable calibre is easily as big or bigger than a Tib and close in size to a TPX (I think the TPX may actually still be smaller than a .50DE).
Although a .50 pb pistol may make for a good paltform (compact size) without some of the limitations of the all but novelty .43 cal's
I'm no fan of the BT, but I am a fan of the good old short bolt STBB pistols. They work for me. I've tried the almighty Tib and the TPx's and find them uncomfortable.
For what it is ... the BT has some nice features.
But, then I know nuthin" anyway, I prefer playing pistol with my modded PGP2K, or my Delta68's (by no means stock). So really Ihave no need for another pistol, but I would consider this one if I was ... I'm certainly not a fan of the long bolt, but it also doesn't suffer the limitations of the short bolt flow path.
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